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Patrick is a geek, coder, developer in and Laravel Developer in Utah. He’s always looking for Freelance work, while building side projects in his spare time.


  • Liane Carmi

    Liane Carmi

    Lesfic writer & voracious reader. I help people change the behaviors and emotions that cause them suffering at

  • Vipul Basapati

    Vipul Basapati

    Tech Enthusiast, learner by birth. Workout with @laravel and @react and @node

  • Dana Pedersen

    Dana Pedersen

  • Luisa Gaston

    Luisa Gaston

  • Ashley Ford

    Ashley Ford

    Director @ Previously worked at Spotify and MySpace. I also run a few sites. Graphic designer & Developer.

  • Shane Robinson

    Shane Robinson

    Fine art photographer & painter; Partner & Programmer at Bare Feet Studios; Living well & working joyfully on Maui, Hawaii.

  • Barbara Clark

    Barbara Clark

    Retired international educator, author, law of attraction life coach and deliberate giggler! Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Hawkeye fan!

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